Hayakawa is a minor, unseen character in Paranoiac. He is apparently Miki Takamura's publisher, who calls her on the first full day she spends in the house.

In-Game Edit

Hayakawa calls Miki on Day One, when she comes downstairs after unlocking her aunt's dressing room. He asks Miki how she is settling into her new home and asks about her "condition", suggesting he knows of her depression diagnosis. He tells Miki he has visited the area where her new home is, saying he thought it was "very nice" and "quiet" and that it would be a good place for Miki to relax. Hayakawa adds that he had talked with Miki's editor about the binding of her latest book and that he intends to fax it to her tonight. Miki ends the conversation soon after and Hayakawa does not appear again for the rest of the game.

Personality Edit

From what can be gathered from his brief conversation with Miki, Hayakawa seems to be a rather laid back man, though he is kind enough to check up on Miki and see how she is settling in. Miki states he sounds "at ease". He is apparently unaware or unconcerned that Miki does not enjoy writing romance novels.