Hiding is the mechanic used in Paranoiac to escape the monster when it is encountered. Miki has no way of fighting the monster and cannot outrun it indefinitely, so she must find a place to hide until morning. The player must go through the process of successfully hiding each night (with the exception of the final night).

Hiding Places Edit

There are five potential hiding places in the house. All of them are located in rooms that are unlocked at the start of the game. There is only one 'safe' hiding spot - where the player can successfully hide until morning. Two hiding spots will be discovered by the monster, but the player is given the chance to get away and find a new spot. Two other hiding places will be discovered by the monster, but the player will be unable to escape, resulting in instant death. These hiding places are randomly assigned and change each night. They also change upon each new play-through, thus making hiding one of the more challenging aspects of the game.

Monster Encounter Edit

When Miki encounters the monster, her only option is to find the correct hiding place. Miki is slightly faster than the monster, but if the player is not careful, then it can catch her, resulting in instant death. Two of the hiding spots will also result in Miki's death, due to the monster finding them. When the player hides, the screen will go blank. If they are discovered, there will be a 'jump scare', in which the monster's face fills the screen. If Miki is killed, then the screen returns to the main menu. If the player is only found, the screen will return to the normal game-screen - Miki will back away from the monster, stammering "Not here! I need to find somewhere else to hide!" and the chase will resume.

If Miki hides successfully, then it will jump to the next morning, Miki having fallen asleep in her hiding place.