Saeki's house is the primary setting of Paranoiac. It is a large, old (and possibly haunted) house that Saeki lived in prior to her death. At the beginning of the game, her niece, Miki Takamura, has just moved into the house and experiences a number of strange and frightening incidents there.

History Edit

Many years before the events of the game, Saeki lived in the house with her husband. It is possible that the house originally belonged to Saeki's husband, as he was wealthy and the house is quite large. Miki would often come to the house to visit her aunt; Shinji Miura, a young boy who lived next door, was also a frequent visitor.

When their marriage fell apart, Saeki's husband moved out, leaving Saeki alone in the house. She eventually committed suicide by hanging herself in the study, and her body was discovered by Miki, who had sneaked out to come see her aunt. Saeki had left the house to Miki, presumably in her will, making Miki the new owner. However, the house remained empty until three years after Seaki's death, when Miki decided to go live in the house to get away from her verbally abusive mother and recover from her depression.

Rooms/Areas Edit

Saeki's house is very large, with many different rooms and areas. Most of these rooms are locked at the start of the game. Here is a list of the rooms and areas of the house (incomplete):

  • Front hall
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Study (last room to be unlocked, where Saeki killed herself)
  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Basement
  • Back garden
  • Miki's room (spare bedroom)
  • Saeki's room (master bedroom)
  • Traditional Japanese room (spare room)